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We count on a human infrastructure that allows us serving our customers with quality and excellence. For this reason, besides our physical and technical capacities, we consolidate as one of the most prosperous and traditional Colombian companies in the petrochemical sector.

For CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. the human resource is the fundamental basis of progress. In this way, we assure the development of organizational competences in such a way that our processes be executed by the best qualified personnel. In addition to direct collaborators, CARBOQUIMICA S.A.S. subcontracts an important number of personnel for specialized services of maintenance, logistic services and cargo mobilization, thus contributing to the achievement of our organizational objectives.

Our collaborators make decisions and implement them based on facts and data that can be proved and guarantee effectiveness in all processes. Responsibility and self control are fundamental values for the development of our labor.

We are committed with keeping a proper life quality for both our collaborators and contractors. Our welfare programs are directed towards promoting their health, education and entertainment. The programs of Industrial Security, Occupational Health and Environment are the priority in the process to guarantee a healthy work atmosphere for both our collaborators and contractors.

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